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Fruta Bio Weight loss Capsule

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Fruta Bio-Fruta bio Weight loss Capsule

The unique blend of Fruta Bio components allow for any speedy and secure fat loss solution for both males and females. No matter whether you happen to be attempting to get back in shape right after a pregnancy, hunting to shed a couple of pounds for an upcoming wedding, or just hunting to tone your physique, Fruta Bio will help you achive your weight reduction goals.


Componentes: fruit lemon, pectin, balsam pear, radish, fruit, spirulina powder. 

Usage & Dosage: once a day, one tablet each time, better effect taking before breakfast. Do not exceed 1 capsule a day. That won't make any difference.

Suitable Age: People above the age of 18 and under 60 

Specification: 400mg * 30pills each box 

Storage: In airproof, cool and dry condition 

Shelf Life: 24 months 



1. The part reduce weight, main cancellation belly, hip, arm, fat 

2. Real double to solve te obese to ask, remove the rebound thoroughly 

3. The cancellation body inside accumulate the eject harmful material, hairdressing skin 

4. The high times are concentrated, needing only everyday 


Suitable scope:

1. The simply fat, puberty fat many the times reduces weight the failure and easy rebound, need to keep the shape 

2. The constipation, dark, on the face have color spot crowd.


Not applicable for Hear attach, attach, High blood pressure, And serious disease, The body is extreme weak and pregnant woman, breast feed period women.The young child forbids to use. 

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